DelfiX identifies the dominant price frequencies  (or waves)

                                                              and models them separately”

















The intraday system captures the high frequency dynamics of the markets. There is a 10minute and an hourly timeframe. The time horizon of the intraday is usually one day and this gives traders the opportunity for trade re-entry, profit taking and closeout.  The hourly system is used by both spot and option traders. The hourly system has often leading information as its collision with the medium term system may change the overall direction of the medium term.


Medium Term


The medium term system refers to 2-3 week time horizons. This timeframe is very important for options traders, for advisory client operations and funds. Due to the immediacy of the intraday system on its change of direction it forms the envelope of the high frequency system. The medium term also acts as a leading indicator into the directional change of the Long Term system.


Long Term


The long term system refers to 2-3 month horizons. It is important for understanding the general direction of the market and to determine collision points with the medium term system. The long term system provides the envelope of the Medium term system. The Long term can be combined with economic analysis to explain and trade long term market behaviour.







DelfiX provides the mechanism of transition between different directions and Timeframes by means of optimized exponential average signals which trigger the change of direction depending on whether the signal crosses the boundary line of the current direction. The exponential average acts as the messenger to the DelfiX system to notify that a change of direction has been confirmed.








DelfiX entry systems are now supported by a timing system that aids the trader during the holding period of a position.  A new feature providing a green, orange and red light during the holding period. The timing signals are very useful as after the red light (or position closeout) the trader may look for safer trade re-entry closer to the stop and reversal areas.