Technical Platform


                                                      “ DelfiX works with its partners to deliver a state-of-the-art

                                                      decision making platform”






High Precision Software


DelfiX add-on is currently working with Ensign Technical Analysis Software through a subset of Delphi language ESPL (Ensign Software Programming  Language). The unique combination of the excellent Ensign package with the innovative DelfiX solution makes this product very powerful and accessible in the Global Market.




Unequalled Technical Platform


EnsignSoftware provides all the graphical interfaces and link to the data providers. EnsignSoftware provides numerous technical indicators and analysis tools available to the users. The platform is designed for the internet market and has an exceptionally good support and development team. DelfiX has been developed over the years hand in hand with Ensign’s continual improvement.




  The Internet Financial Data Provider


eSignal provides real-time financial data to the global internet world. DelfiX gets the data from eSignal through Ensign’s API. Corporate users with proxy servers can safely connect to eSignal data servers using IP to IP safe connectivity.