“ DelfiX unravels the price dynamics complexity and

                                                helps its users to have a clear view of the market”






Pre-optimized information


Model optimization using Genetic Optimization methodologies within a framework constrained by actual price formations and trading behaviour.

 Modeling Approach


Innovative approach using modeling techniques and prototypes from Finance, Engineering and Life Sciences.





Direction Finder (PathfinderTM)


Direction Finder using the generic PathfinderTM Patterns. PathfinderTM combines Gann type of models with a DelfiX unique algorithm.

  Direction Measurement  (FibreTM)


Direction measurement using FibreTM - a filter breakout system used to identify the breakout out from  noisy range trading periods.





  DelfiX Levels


Systematic identification of important market levels that are a result of combined Pathfinder patterns in multiple timeframes.

  Price-to-Price Probabilities


High frequency probability maps that measure the interaction on the FibreTM system with the PathfinderTM system providing a guide for continuous discretionary trading.




Visual Information


Multiple Timeframe combinations of information on single timeframe screens.


Report Generator


Report generator of technical levels and associated probabilities.



Real-Time Historical Performance


Real-time historical performance measurement of systematic Pathfinder’s performance.



 Discretionary/Systematic Trading


Discretionary execution and ability to a link-up to 100% automated and systematic trading platform.